October 6, 2011

Free Pixcavator license

Filed under: image processing/image analysis software,news — Peter Saveliev @ 10:01 am

…for researchers who use and credit Pixcavator in their publications.

This is a new promotion: authors can get a year subscription (value of $245) for free, if they they credit our image analysis software in their publications.

So far we are aware of 30 such papers, in an amazing variety of fields.

Details of the offer:

  • The paper should

    • acknowledge the use of the software: “Pixcavator by Intelligent Perception”, and
    • cite one of our papers: Pixcavator’s references (optional).
  • The author should contact us with:
    • the exact reference to your paper, and

    • a paragraph-long quote from the paper about how Pixcavator was used (along the lines of Image analysis examples).
  • We will send you a coupon to be used during purchasing (some charges may apply).
  • The offer applies to: one per publication per author per year.

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