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Intelligent Perception Co. helps companies that have digital images and nothing else to get started with image analysis.

We are offering Pixcavator – software and a platform for digital image analysis. This platform is based on our innovative, patent pending technology.

We also offer these services:

Pixcavator provides unparalleled speed and flexibility in developing new software in a variety of fields:

The tools that make this possible is Pixcavator SDK – Software Developer’s Kit.

This site provides both the documentation for our software and its mathematical and algorithmic background, see Computer Vision Primer:About.

Intelligent Perception was founded by Peter Saveliev, professor of mathematics at Marshall University, Huntington WV, USA.

Image analysis and computer vision is the extraction of meaningful information from digital images. The number industries that need this technology is growing at a tremendous pace. Indeed, wherever a person is using his eyes to count or measure, the computer may be able to do a better job.

The science of computer vision relies an abundance of image analysis methods. These methods have been developed over the years for solving various but often narrow image analysis tasks. The result is that these methods are very image and task specific and seldom can be applied to a broad range of applications.

Our conclusion is then that as a discipline computer vision lacks a solid mathematical foundation.

Our long term goal is to design a comprehensive computer vision system “from first principles”. These principles come initially from one of the most central areas of mathematics, topology. The idea is that just as mathematics rests on topology (and algebra), computer vision should be built on a firm topological foundation. More...

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