Computer Vision Primer: online book of mathematics related to image analysis and data analysis: calculus, topology, linear algebra etc, image analysis software, and applications in sciences and engineering.

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Computer Vision Primer, the best place to get started with digital image analysis

Welcome to Computer Vision Primer, the best place to get started with digital image analysis!

The Mathematics of Computer Vision

This is an online textbook that contains several mathematics courses that provide detailed exposition of the science and methods needed for image analysis applications, computer vision, data analysis and much more. This site contains 700 articles with over 1500 illustrations integrated with numerous examples of image analysis in industry and science. More...

Image Analysis Software

Pixcavator IA is a light-weight program intended for scientists and engineers who want to automate their image analysis tasks but lack a significant computing background. This image analysis software allows the analyst to concentrate on the science and lets us take care of the math. More...

Developer’s Tools

Pixcavator SDK provides a simple tool for developing new image analysis software in a variety of fields. It allows the software developer to concentrate on the user's needs instead of development of custom algorithms. Pixcavator image analysis algorithm is also available as a component. More...

See also Computer Vision Primer:About.

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