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September 12, 2006

A couple of small bugs

Filed under: releases — Peter @ 3:01 am

Pixcavator 1.11 (268 KB). A couple of small bugs fixed.

September 11, 2006

Pixcavator 1.1

Filed under: releases — Peter @ 2:58 am

Pixcavator 1.1 (268 KB). Changes in the new version:

  • This is now a single file distribution (one still needs GDIPLUS.DLL on machines with Win2K and Win98),
  • Memory usage has been reduced significantly,
  • I removed histogram stretching. Frequently, the processed image used to be darker than the original. Now it may be lighter. We’ll see if it’s better

September 5, 2006


Filed under: releases — Peter @ 2:57 am (3.87 MB). Right click to save to a folder, then extract the files from the zip-file (either double click on it or right click and choose Extract), then run Pixcavator.exe. Only for Windows XP…

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