July 22, 2011

Calculus 1 lectures finished

Filed under: education,mathematics,site — Peter Saveliev @ 10:41 pm

The multi-stage procedure is completed:

  1. prepare for the lecture by creating the initial notes;
  2. deliver the lecture (with a tablet) which always ends up very different from the textbook or the notes;
  3. save the notes as a Journal file (and also in pdf, for the web);
  4. edit the Journal notes: rewrite in full sentences to make the text more readable, clean up illustrations, proofread;
  5. transcribe the notes into TeX, put the result online with illustrations inserted;
  6. edit this text: make it more narrative, improve formatting, add links, proofread again.

The whole procedure is more time consuming than I expected initially. Stage 5 is especially hard and has required help (thanks Tom!). Stage 7 should be further polishing and more proofreading. I hope one day to be able to add stage 8: make the illustrations more professional.

Besides Calculus 1, other courses are at various stage of completion:

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