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November 7, 2007

Lengths of digital curves, part 4

Filed under: updates, site, image processing/image analysis software — Peter @ 3:21 pm

From the three previous posts on the topic (Lengths of digital curves, parts 1, 2, 3) and a little presentation I gave recently I created an article for the wiki. In comparison, analysis is more extensive and there are more illustrations. At the end there are two examples of computation of roundness with Pixcavator 2.4. Circles have roundness close to 90, squares close to 80. It works quite well for large objects. You can now distinguish between circles and squares and between squares and elongated objects. For example, you have now a new way to automatically count (round) cells in the image and ignore (rough edged) noise.

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  1. Computer Vision for Dummies » Lengths of digital curves, part 5 Says:

    […] I thought I was done with the topic but I just discovered that I messed up with the code. And I didn’t notice the problem because I didn’t test the program well. […]

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