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February 1, 2008

Pixcavator 2.4 released - software for scientific image analysis

We are proud to announce the release of Pixcavator 2.4!

Pixcavator produces a list of all objects in the image. The list contains the size, location, and other characteristics of each object. Meanwhile, the objects in the image are captured with contours. Pixcavator is as simple as Excel.

These are the changes in comparison to version 2.3: 

  • The interface has been streamlined. Pushing “Run” will now take you straight to the output. The “simplification” sliders have been removed (they will reappear in the image editing version of Pixcavator to appear in the near future). 
  • More data is provided about the objects in the image. The table now contains additionally: roundness, perimeter, and average contrast. 
  • Some bugs have been fixed. In particular, computation of the contrast and the saliency for light objects was incorrect. The computation of perimeter and roundness has been made more accurate (see the discussion here). 
  • The user’s guide has been updated.

Download here. The updated SDK will appear in a few weeks.

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