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October 15, 2006


Filed under: Image search, reviews — Peter @ 3:16 am

Xcavator from CogniSign – Semi-manual search based on recording the color at key points chosen by the user. Seems like a good idea, why doesn’t it work? Experiment: an image of rose with 20 key points returns an image of a girl in a red bikini.

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  1. Computer Vision for Dummies » visual image search, update Says:

    […] This experiment was what I reported in the blog (more than a year ago!). Later I also copied the report to the wiki. Unfortunately, the word ‘points’ in “20 key points” was lost. That may give (and it did) the impression that I chose 20 key words. The meaning changes completely. The review was also copied without the date. That may also have contributed to the misunderstanding because since then many things have changed. There is no Golden Gate Bridge anymore in the introductory video. It seems that the whole application is now much less about matching color+position and more about colors alone and especially tags. […]

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