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August 17, 2008

Reference to Pixcavator in BMC Systems Biology

Filed under: image processing/image analysis software, news — Peter @ 8:42 pm

The paper is A review of imaging techniques for systems biology (BMC Systems Biology 2008, 2:74) . Pixcavator is listed in “Table 2 - Overview of microscopy image analysis software” along with a few other companies/products. All the usual suspects are here: Image-Pro from Media Cybernetics, ImageJ, CellProfiler, Clemex Vision. The rest are less familiar and some of the companies are mostly about hardware. The paper itself is about imaging methods not image analysis. Even though this is not a endorsement by any stretch of imagination, it’s nice to be mentioned. (Smart people will also notice a few products that aren’t mentioned.) BMC stands for BioMed Central.

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