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December 5, 2007

Unrelated updates

Filed under: updates, Image search, reviews — Peter @ 6:22 pm

A few recent developments:

The number of downloads of Pixcavator 2.3 has reached 10,000.

Idee has re-launched its visual image search application. There is no image uploading and as a result no way to test it. But even sSearching within its own collection of images indicates that shapes aren’t given serious consideration. More on image search here. More updates to come.

Last Sunday Ash Pahwa and I attended the exhibit of the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology in Washington DC. We talked with some companies that make image analysis and related software. Nothing spectacular. Most interesting was the conversation with Ilya Goldberg, the representative of OME (Open Microscopy Environment).

A quick analysis revealed that the time complexity of the image analysis algorithm that runs Pixcavator is O(n2), where n is the number of pixels in the image.

2 Responses to “Unrelated updates”

  1. Ricardo Cabral Says:

    Regarding Idee visual search, it does support upload:

  2. Administrator Says:

    Hmm, how did I miss that?

    I tried the image of seeds (like this one and the results were (all gray scale of course): keyboard, multistory building with many windows, soccer stadium, a big crowd. They are, I guess, similar in busyness to the original…


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