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August 14, 2008

Pixcavator Image Analysis 3.1 released

Filed under: releases, image processing/image analysis software — Peter @ 2:16 am

The updated interface is the first thing that you notice. All buttons and sliders are arranged in groups accompanied by headers. Text and tooltips were improved throughout.

The RGB channel analysis was completed to include all three channels. Just click a button in the Analysis tab for the color you want.

A new, “Max growth rate”, slider was introduced. Let me explain what it is. As you may remember object in the image are allowed to grow – from one level of gray to the next - up to the extent set by the slider. For example, the object will grow until it’s both larger than say 100 pixels and has contrast above 20. Now, this is a totally different kind of slider. If you choose 10, the object will be allowed to expand – from one level of gray to the next - as long as its size grows by 10% or less. Roughly, the expansion stops once the contour reaches a sharp edge. There will have to be more written about this after some testing. (To reproduce results you obtained with the older versions of Pixcavator just keep this value at 0.)

A new header is Data filtering. There are only two buttons here currently – Unmark dark and Unmark light. For convenience they were redesigned as follows. These are toggle buttons so that you can choose to concentrate on only, say, light objects without having to unmark dark every time you change the settings. There is more to come here.

The analysis summary now includes the mean values and standard deviations of all the main characteristics of objects (marked only).

The way contours are plotted was improved. Now red and green contours never overlap no matter how close they are to each other.

A noticeable speed-up was achieved, in both image analysis and graph analysis part. The memory usage was significantly reduced. There were also numerous minor improvements.

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