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April 1, 2008

Computer Vision Primer and other updates

Filed under: releases, updates, site — Peter @ 12:50 pm

I decided to rename the wiki, from “Computer Vision Wiki” to “Computer Vision Primer”. “Wiki” is just such a general (and generic) term that it is easy to confuse our wiki with other wikis related to computer vision. The word “primer” helps to make a point about what makes ours different – we focus on the fundamentals and try to keep it very accessible. is also easy to remember. Finally, when I get to turn this into a book, Computer Vision Primer will be a good title.

There have been some additions to the wiki. I did quite a lot of editing throughout, for example, Overview. I started to add articles on measurements of objects: saliency, mass, average contrast, diameter, minor and major axes, Euler number, Robustness of geometry and topology. Those are still quite thin. In article Machine learning in computer vision I summarized the recent blog posts on the subject. There are also many red links – those are articles I plan to write.

Pixcavator PE (photo editing) is to be released in just a few weeks. It is a simplified version of the image analysis version but it will also have a couple of new features. These features and many more will appear in Pixcavator 2.5.

cellAnalyst has now an online counterpart. You can upload your images, analyze them, save the data, and search images - all in your browser. Create your free account here. Feedback will be appreciated… Meanwhile, AssaySoft has been incorporated.

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