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December 16, 2007

The biggest commercial success of computer vision ever

Filed under: computer vision/machine vision/AI, rants — Peter @ 6:59 pm

Roomba can see! 

I am being sarcastic here, of course. I own a Roomba and I am aware that its navigation is based on bumping into walls and furniture. So, it doesn’t use computer vision in the usual sense of the word. The point here is that computer vision (and AI in general) is a field which is about to change the world, always. But so far it hasn’t. Compare that to Roomba. It’s quite dumb but it does its job and now you can have a robot in our house for the first time ever! So I’d say that Roomba has changed the world, a bit.face detection

A candidate for a commercial success of the “real” computer vision may be face detection. It is now installed on many cameras like Canon. However, for the user it’s just a minor feature. Unlike Roomba. My guess is that a success of this magnitude is more likely to come from a vision system that is just a notch more complex than Roomba’s.

BTW, the Roomba does have vision however rudimentary. It does not detect vertical changes, so it is fair to say that its vision is 1-dimensional. Taking time into account it’s 2-dimensional. Another 1D vision system is radar.

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  1. Bob Mottram Says:

    Face recognition is really just the beginning, and computer vision will transform the way that we interact with machines and expand the scope of tasks which machines can perform autonomously. It can take quite a lot of processing power to do anything significant with computer vision, so it might be a while before we see Roomba-like devices with sophisticated 3D vision. I would predict that within ten years we’re going to see things like very low cost toys having face recognition as a built in feature, and also 3D vision systems which can guide a robot around a house.

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