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August 30, 2007

“Irrational exuberance” about demos at TechCrunch

Filed under: image processing/image analysis software, rants, news — Peter @ 2:38 pm

A follow up to the last post. There have been many examples of “irrational exuberance” about demos at TechCrunch. These are a few – related to image analysis and computer vision - that I can recall.  

  • Image resizing (below). 

  • Measuring distances from photos (Visual Size). Based on two or more photos, via stereo vision, so it can work. But there is no prototype! At least the creators were knowledgeable and replied to a couple of skeptical comments. 

  • 3D models from pictures (don’t recall the name of the company). Based on a single picture, so it can’t possibly work as you need conversion 2D to 3D. 

  • Raya and its “first ever visual image search engine”. You could actually try it before you get excited. If you did, you would not be as impressed. 

  • Microsoft’s Photosynth. Clearly, it can work (stereo vision again). But, since you can’t start your own site (location, not web site), we don’t know how much manual work is involved. 

So, where does this naiveté come from? I think most of the readers are what we would call “technology enthusiasts”. As a result they are …well… enthusiastic just about anything. And since they create little themselves, there is no “filter”. Another news site that I frequent is YCombinator News (Hacker News). The readership is supposed to be different but just as at TechCrunch what you see is dozens of wows and one or two skeptical posts. The latter are ignored. Business of Software is the best. I like that no-one would even consider posting a half-cooked demo instead of a working software.  

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