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August 27, 2007

Image resizing

Filed under: image processing/image analysis software, reviews, rants, news — Peter @ 1:58 pm

At TechCrunch the amount of excitement shown by the posters and commenters is often ridiculous! The latest example the post about is image resizing software. The first 30 comments (and the original post!) are only ah and oh and wow. No-one wants to take a second to think before writing a comment. Isn’t it clear that this can’t possibly work for all pictures? All of the examples have horizontal patterns, so you can shrink them horizontally. If a picture had a vertical pattern, you’d be able to shrink it vertically. What if there is no pattern such as a face? You have to do this manually. What if there are no “seams” they speak of such as in a circular pattern? You are stuck. Just a thought… This is a nice work but it will be forgotten – by this crowd - within a week.

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  1. Toonerstan Says:

    I was thinking something similar. If you had an image that contained a complex oriental rug and several people and were resizing down, the people would go first. Cool blog, BTW.

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