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August 24, 2007


Filed under: site — Peter @ 3:39 pm

The site is mostly complete now. At least everything is operational. The last additions are: this blog, the image gallery, and the wiki. 

The blog is still thin, but at least it’s current. Note that the older posts came from the blog-like page of the old site. 

The image gallery has more than 250 images arranged in 9 albums: Medical, Image manipulation, Watercolors, Industrial machine vision, Biometrics, Microscopy, Maps, Test images, and Material Science. They contain examples of image analysis and manipulation with Pixcavator and a few comparisons to other software. There is a need for more - everybody is welcome to contribute. 

The wiki has plenty of content now. It started with four chapters from the book draft but now has grown beyond that. There is a thorough explanation of methods, with code snippets for illustration. Now we have added some complete code as well a description of the SDK (in progress). Initially the intent was to concentrate on developers, now it seems to make sense to add articles about how Pixcavator is applied in specific areas of scientific image analysis. Right now microscopy and cell counting seem the most promising. 

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