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March 4, 2007

Polar Rose

Filed under: Image search, reviews — Peter @ 3:23 am

The exact purpose is not quite clear. Founder: “-sort, search and manage online albums (yup, I stole that one from Riya and Ookles), -get feeds from photo sites with pictures of people you like, - find out who a person is on a picture you come across while browsing, - click on a face on a news site to find information, links or other sites with this person”.

I’ve taken a look at the founder’s recent Ph.D. thesis. Same old - conversion of 2D to 3D.

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  1. Computer Vision for Dummies » Time on Polar Rose Says:

    […] For a while I’ve been planning to resume reviews of image search applications but couldn’t decide which one to start with. The decision was made for me – coverage of Polar Rose (last reviewed in March) appeared. Was it in TechCrunch? No, it appeared in Time Magazine! […]

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