This page is a part of, a wiki devoted to computer vision. It focuses on low level computer vision, digital image analysis, and applications. It is designed as an online textbook but the exposition is informal. It geared towards software developers, especially beginners, and CS students. The wiki contains mathematics, algorithms, code examples, source code, compiled software, ans some discussion. If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact me directly.

User's introduction

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Welcome To Computer Vision Primer!

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A user's resource of digital image analysis and computer vision

Digital Image Analysis Made Simple

The current image analysis and computer vision technology is a very large collection of disparate “tools” in the form of “toolboxes”, “cookbooks”, or code libraries. It follows the following outdated manual paradigm:

1. An image is given. 2. The image is processed and analyzed with mathematical tools. 3. Analysis produces data about the contents of the image.

Our goal is to take care of the "Mathematical tools" part above so that the user would face this:

The math part is hidden from the user who is simply supplied with the output data.

Initially we'll be able to handle only the fundamentals: objects in the image, their locations, measurements, their topology, etc.

If you also want to understand how everything works, this wiki gives you a unique chance. We have complete and detailed expositions.

This wiki is self-contained and requires only high school math...

How To Read This Wiki

The wiki contains close to 100 articles and there is a number of ways you can read it. This is how one could start.