With Pixcavator you can edit your photos in a new way.  


Automatic simplification also reduces noise.  Here, noise was added to "Lena", then the image was cleaned.


The following picture shows how Pixcavator can remove minor features from the image.  On the right, we removed the brickwork.

Object removal

Manual simplification often leads to disappearance of objects.

Spot cleaning

Once the mole has been found, it is removed with a single click. The rest of the image is unaffected.

mole removed 

background removal 

Background removal

The objects found by Pixcavator can be isolated from the rest of the picture. 


One of the Pixcavator's features is to produce wonderful watercolor pictures out of digital images. You can turn your favorite photographs into watercolors, as we did. With Pixcavator, it takes less then a minute. You may also want to try the online version at

Please visit our Image Gallery in order to discover Pixcavator's photo editing capabilities.


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