How to use Pixcavator

Load image

Start at the Analysis tab. Select an image file from your hard disk by using the Choose file… button on the right. Most popular formats are supported. The image will appear on the left.


Use automatic simplification

There are two sliders on the left that allow you to edit the thresholds for image simplification. Process the image by pressing Run in the Analysis tab. The image has been simplified – the objects below these thresholds have been removed. Some parts of the image will appear "flattened" as finer details disappear.


Enhance image

Go to the Tools tab. You can adjust Brightness and Contrast by using sliders on the left. On the right, there are some Filters


Manually manipulate image

In the Output tab the updated image is now displayed on the left. The analysis captures objects in the image – dark are surrounded by red contours while light by green.

If you click within the image while holding Ctrl, the nearest contour to your mouse will disappear. If you click again, the contour will reappear.

On the right, you see a table containing all objects in the image satisfying the restrictions on size and contrast. To mark and unmark a row in the table, check and uncheck the square in the beginning of the row. If an object is marked or unmarked in the table on the right, a contour appears or disappears around this object in the image on the left, and vice versa.


You can erase everything outside the marked objects by pressing Isolate objects.


You can manually Simplify the image by filling the contours of unmarked objects with the color of the surrounding area. Simplification could make objects disappear from the image. See Samples.


For more see User's Guide.

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