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Algebraic topology: course

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1 Description

This is an introductory, two semester course on algebraic topology and its applications. It is intended for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students.

2 Prerequisites

3 Lectures

The links below are outdated. The source of material is currently in a draft of a book called Topology Illustrated.

3.1 Part 1. Introduction to algebraic topology

3.2 Part 2. Complexes

3.3 Part 3. Overview of point-set topology

3.4 Part 4. Homology groups

Introductory algebraic topology: review

4 Notes

I would call the course "Applied algebraic topology" if I didn't think algebraic topology is applied enough as it is.

The content is based on the complete set of lecture notes for a course taught by Peter Saveliev in Fall 2009/Spring 2010 at Marshall University. Some of it was inspired by this book:

5 Further reading

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