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Pixcavator SDK

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The Pixcavator SDK (Software Development Kit) is a software development kit from AssaySoft Inc. and Intelligent Perception Co. The SDK provides programmatic access to the low level image processing algorithms employed in Pixcavator and cellAnalyst. Download the SDK here [1].

The purpose of the Pixcavator SDK is to supply the developer with a few tools of low level computer vision. The output of the image analysis algorithm that powers the SDK contains the most fundamental data about the image: a list of all objects in the image along with their measurements, locations, and other characteristics. The SDK allows anyone with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 to create new software based on our technology. To understand how they works, read from the top - Binary Images, Grayscale Images, etc. You'll also find some of the code.

The SDK uses the Pixcavator DLL.

The SDK consists of just two DLLs and a short description. Its operation is also very simple.

  • The input:
    • the image,
    • the settings for size and contrast.
  • The output:
    • the list of objects in the image along with their measurements and characteristics,
    • the list of contour points for each object.

To understand how these parameters work, just download Pixcavator or read Tutorial.

The current version is only for C#. The versions for C++ and Java are under development.

So see possible applications of the SDK read Projects and Case studies.