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Simplification of Synthetic Images
An example of the removal of features from
a binary image based on size. More
Image Enhancement
Scratch removal - still to come. More here.
Industrial Inspection and Matching
Pixcavator matched an image of a semiconductor
wafer and its blurred version by simply counting the
number of objects. More
Here, the image was "denoised". More here.
Simplification of Natural Images
Examples of a color image processed with different
settings for area and contrast. More
11 cells and 53 seeds. More here.
Machine Vision in Quality Inspection
Here Pixcavator detected a subtle dent. More
Complete Analysis
This is what the complete output will look like,
the first few columns.
Tenacious search:
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2
Image Gallery
Even the current, still
limited, version of
Pixcavator can be used for
advanced image analysis,
such as OCR. Here's how.
The combination of the
location of center of mass
of the letter with respect
to the line, its size, and its
topology allows you to
identify the letter, in this
ideal situation.
Painting effects
Pixcavator 2.3,
new features:
finding and
kidney and liver.