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Problem Solving in Sciences and Engineering: projects

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This is a project oriented course. It will be focused firstly on image/signal processing. There will be also other types of computational problems in the sciences and engineering. However, if a student comes with his own project, we may be able to accommodate that.

Computer software and systems such as MATLAB, MS Visual Studio, C++, Java, and Mathematica will be used for completing course projects.

Sample projects:

  • Computer vision
  • Image search engines
  • Multimedia information retrieval
  • Social networks
  • Molecular modeling
  • Medical image analysis – computer assisted detection
  • Spatial similarity-based image retrieval
  • Automatic fingerprint identification
  • Mugshot matching
  • Map matching
  • Computer reading – OCR
  • Postscript fonts
  • Motion control in computer-aided modeling
  • Wiener filtering
  • Audio codec
  • Scattered multivariate data approximation

During the first half of semester each class will start with a lecture. The homework will consist primarily of small projects. The lecture will be followed by discussions and individual consultations intended to help the student to choose and start the main project. Later on, the former part will become shorter and may consist also of guest lectures. The students will start to submit weekly progress reports and give presentations to the class. Semester will complete with a formal ½ hour presentation/demonstration of a research paper and/or an operational software program.

Prerequisites: MTH 229 or equivalent, computer language background or permission of instructor.

List of projects: