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Mathematics Is A Science

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...because it studies the universe.

The idea that mathematics is a science is meant to be a counterpoint to this idea (usually spoken with googly eyes):

  • "Mathematics is art."
  • "Mathematics is an art."
  • "Mathematics is an art form.", and so on.

Just because there is something artistic about it doesn't mean it's art. If making chairs could be done artistically then so could science.

  • "Mathematics is a language."

And so is any science and other fields of specialized knowledge.

  • "An exercise for the mind".

You can probably exercise your mind with something that you plan to use, especially in your profession. In fact, if you plan to become a lawyer, training in mathematics will be a handicap.

  • A pointless of game with arbitrary rules (Sudoku etc.).
  • The school mathematics: a collection of mindless rules to be memorized and followed...

As a science, mathematics is looking for laws of nature (patterns)... but when it doesn't find any (for whatever reason), it moves on. That's the limit of how much mathematics can affect your every-day life.