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Feature requests

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Feature planned for Pixcavator, ones suggested by the users etc.

1 Saving the settings

The analysis settings are saved for the next image but they are lost if you close the program.

This is something that I have considered but not yet implemented. The reason is mostly that this feature would have to be a part of another, bigger feature. Like: saving analysis settings for an image is a part of saving the analysis results (for all possible settings altogether), which is to be a part of the bulk processing feature, all of that to be a kept in a database, etc.

2 Names of exported files

"when saving tables, if there are close similarities between RED, BLUE and GREEN, the default file name remains the same for the exported EXCEL file, resulting in the previously selected channel analysis ( Red, or Blue or Green ) being OVERWRITTEN - without any user notification"

"there should be an option for the user to select a working Name for these exported files which automatically get placed in some common so that sorting these hundreds of records would have another key-selector for priority of image records"

"it might be useful if adding the Mean(size) and the mean(Contrast) values onto the file name when it is saved. These two give a more resulting index of the image ( from the Review Summary screen ) , instead of indicating the slider values used to initiate the analysis process. It may be these results (values) that more uniquely identifies the final image than the values or settings used to process it."

See also Known problems and Customization.