Do you need to count something in your digital images: blood cells, seeds, fungi, fiberglass particles, stars?

Do you need to measure something: cancer tumor, blood vessel, vegetation coverage, fish?

Do you still measure and count with a naked eye?!

With Pixcavator all it takes is a single click...

Pixcavator's operation is so straightforward, it feels like a hand-held calculator.

Click "Run" and in a few seconds you are viewing the list of all objects in the image. The list gives the size, location, and other characteristics of each object.

If you aren't satisfied, just drag the slider...



And measure:


View results in a single page:

This is Pixcavator's interface. At least 90% of it.
Create Excel reports:

 This is an image analysis report created with Pixcavator.


Users say:

"I really appreciate the simplicity that you manage to overlay on very complex issues." -- Joy John Mammen, M.D.

"An elegant solution..." -- Brian Matsumoto, Ph.D.

"Impressive program..." -- Nalin Mehta, M.D.

"The software you’re developing is great – the math behind it is intuitively clear, and [it] is incredibly user friendly." -- Jon Scaffidi, Ph.D.

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Gallery of analyzed images:

The nature of the images is unrestricted: medical and environmental, microscope and satellite, and much more...

Basophil, a type of white blood cell, captured (purple) along with the rest:

   Basophil (a type of white blood cell) Basophil (purple) captured along with the rest

Particles of various shapes and sizes, distribution computed:

Particles of various shapes and sizes Particles captured 

Lung biopsies, the intensity of staining measured:

Lung biopsies Intensity of staining measured

Cell nuclei, captured and counted:

Nuclei Nuclei, captured 

Drosophila nuclei, counted:

Drosophila nuclei Drosophila nuclei, captured 

Tissue cell nuclei:

Nuclei Nuclei, captured 

Comet DNA at different stages, change in roundness evaluated:

Comet DNA at different stagesComet DNA, captured 

Nerve cells:

Nerve cells Nerve cells, captured 

Parenchyma (plant cells):

Parenchyma (plant cells)  Parenchyma cells, captured

Lean and fat meat, captured, proportion computed:

Meat Lean meat, captured Fat, captured 

Bee brood, the occupied cells are measured and counted:

The original image of bee brood Analysis: areas of occupied cells are captured and measured 

Eye retina atrophy captured and evaluated:

Eye atrophy  Atrophy captured and evaluated

Mouse retina cells, counted: total of 3811 cells:

Mouse retina cells Total of 3811 cells 

Transversal section of a cassava root (a tropical tuber), deterioration evaluated:

Transversal section of a cassava root (a tropical tuber)  Transversal section of a root, dark area captured 

Red blood cells - elliptocytosis, counted:

Red blood cells - elliptocytosis Red blood cells, captured 

Coral lesion, perimeter measured:

Coral lesion Coral lesion, perimeter measured 

Grass, vegetation volume measured:

Image of grass Vegetation volume measured 

Hose cross section, thickness measured:

Hose cross section Hose cross section, thickness measured 

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